Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Survived the Mammogram!

    Hello friends, well it wasn't as bad as I remembered it to be! Maybe cause this time I had a woman doing my Mammogram she was really gentle, now my Ultrasound on my neck hurt, I guess she was having trouble seeing the whole lump since part of it is under my collar bone.
    I won't get results til tomorrow, and still haven't gotten the results back from blood work they did.
    As you may have noticed I was in a bad place yesterday, today I'm much better. Part of it was that I talked to Intricate Knot(Knoty) and she made me feel a lot better-she has that effect- and then she got me all excited by putting up a FB fan page for Women to Women. Here's the URL https://www.facebook.com/pages/Woman-to-Woman-Forum/418857751467639
    Pretty cool, huh? Isn't it awesome to have friends to lift you up when your feeling lower than dirt?
I love having such AWESOME friends! All of you are the best!
   Every Memorial Day for the last fifteen years or so we have this huge cookout. It's an all day thing we swim, play volleyball, eat(alot!),corn toss and my favorite part is the water balloon fight! No one is safe when you have over 1500 water balloons!
   This is Veronica in 2010 when she was pregnant with Jaxton! See no one is safe! Wasn't she beautiful?
    I am so grateful to Knoty, cause as much as I love this cookout-our celebration of the beginning of summer, I wasn't looking forward to it because of the worrying about Gloria. And that's not fair to her or me.
    And I'm excited that Zach is bringing a girl with him! He made me promise not to look her up on Facebook! So not fair!
     Tomorrow is another scary day-the last day of school! LOL. 
    Tonight we're going to the High School, Gloria and Becca are getting awards- not for cheer leading. Glo say's she doesn't know what it's for- which is just crazy!
Glo and Becca in school
   This was taken during class which makes you wonder where the hell the teacher was. I'll let you know tomorrow what the award was. I guess I'll know what's going on with my neck then too.
   So for now that's it. Come by and see us on FB, you know you want to. Until we meet again.....
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Woman-to-Woman-Forum/418857751467639 or the forum





Intricate Knot said...

You always pick me up, too, Natalie. And it's lovely having AWESOME friends in our lives!!

Your Memorial Day cookout sounds like a blast! Please take some pics and post for us to enjoy :)

Anna Smith said...

Water-ballooning an unborn baby, that's awesome haha! How you been. Sorry I've not been over for a while. Facebook page sounds cool, will go check it out :)


I'm glad that you have friends that will cheer you up when you get down..be glad when u get results...

FoxyMoron said...

Cookout sounds like fun, take lots of photos!