Monday, May 21, 2012


    Hello friends, so yesterdays jokes bombed? Really were they that bad? Sorry I'll try to do better next Sunday I promise!
    So tomorrow is my big "fun" day! Yepee I get do be at the hospital at ten thirty am to do my paper work and have my mammogram at eleven then at eleven thirty I have my ultrasound on my neck for that lump.
    I was suppose to get my blood work results today but the doctors office never called, so I guess I'll call them tomorrow. 
    I wish I would have put this off for a couple of weeks but I was afraid that my daughter Veronica and FoxyMoron would hurt me if I didn't get it taken care of.

   It's just Glo's CT scan and both end scopes are going to be done Thursday and really she needs my attention more than I do. I just want to know whats wrong with her and then fix it-yes I sound like a man!

    Here she is making watermelon balls on Sunday, she looks so perfect on the outside, how can she not be on the inside? And that's my son-in-law washing dishes in the background, what a good man.
   Honestly friends I'm so worried and stressed, I hate not being in control of this. 
    So I kinda lost it Friday(Glo wasn't home)when Veronica let me know that our friend's son has Crohn's and basically he's dying little by little always in and out of the hospital. 
    What if that happens to my baby girl? How do I forgive myself? How would I go on without her? Sorry losing it again. Damn I hate crying.
    Light candles, say prayers whatever you do please cause right now I can't do that. I'm to mad, hurt,lost, scared and emotions I can't put names to.
Please she's my baby.




just get good medical care for her and have faith..

Anonymous said...

I liked your joke about the heart attack.
Crohn's isn't a nice disease but even if she has it, it may not be as bad as the case you describe. And all bowel problems can always be coeliac, have they taken blood tests to check for that? I hope the scopes go well and she doesn't have too much discomfort. But maybe in the US they always sedate for scopes?
I'll be praying for her. And for you too regarding that lump.

Hermit Witch said...

Big hugs to you and Gloria. I hope all goes well, for both of you.
My cousin's wife has crohn's. She has her bad days but most of the time it doesn't stop her living the life she wants to. Gloria's a bright and beautiful girl and I'm sure she'll be fine. xxx

Snowies said...

Im in the middle of going through the same thing as your daughter ;) I have a Gastroscopy/Colonoscopy scheduled for the 7th of June and OMG it's driving me crazy waiting. I guess I can say I probably know what she's going through. Maybe I will make a post along with a picture of what I looked like vs what I look like now ><. 33, 5'7', down to 106lbs and still loosing. Feel free to send me a message if you want to talk :)

Intricate Knot said...

Sending both you and your Gloria hugs and healing vibes. Love her pic, she's such a beautiful girl! xo

FoxyMoron said...

Thinking about you all sweet Natalie. Hope everything turns out alright.