Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'm a bad, bad girl!

      Hello friends, I just realized that the first paragraph of my blog ends up on my Facebook and since the random person can read it I'm keeping this part clean so they won't see what I did last night!
    First the good news we came in second place-first place went to a band the played cover music (that means they played other peoples music,not original) we play our own.

     The other thing is that I got so drunk, I brought a man home and had wild sex all night long! OMG it was good! I have never brought a man home before, and I know what your thinking--that I'm a big ole slut, but this man well I've known him for years, hell I'm married to him!
  That's right I got drunk and brought my husband home with me, I mean honestly even when I'm drunk I can't seem to do things right!
   I've sleep with three men in my life and was married to two and the other one died-no I didn't kill him he died on a motorcycle. I wanted to try something new but ended up with the old one, geeze! LOL
   I will say it's hard to meet new men when your husband is there and he looks as scary as mine does! 
   Though to be honest with you I have never been the free sex type, I always felt like I was giving away a part of my soul to who I slept with so  I have always been picky/weird about just fucking any one. Not judging anyone who is let's say free with their sex.
     So what is the protocol the morning after you sleep with your husband that your separated from? I made him breakfast then we worked on the yard, took a shower together, went shopping and now home while he tunes up my SUV and then we're going out with some friends to play pool and darts.
    Do I want him back here for good? Not sure to be honest, I love him and I miss him (the good him not the verbal him which never happened before Gloria's incident). I just don't know, we're still in counseling I guess time will tell. 
    We've been together over twenty years and that's a long time to just throw away. Don't judge me to harshly.
    Until we meet again.......


Anonymous said...

Remember that if it's Networked blogs you're using for Facebook, anyone can see your entire blog post if the click the link.
Sounds like you and your hubby still love each other much enough to do some nice things together. I don't know the whole situation but have you tried to really work things out, to be able to stay together?

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

At the beginning, I'm like Way To Go Natalie and it's still WAY TO GO Natalie! ;0)
Every word you spoke resounded in me. Maybe he's the kind that you date and get BENEFITS in and out of bed.:0) yessssssssss
Fact: Seperate residences work for alot of people.
By the sound MARVELOUSLY CHIPPER! How about THAT MOON last night!

FoxyMoron said...

What did I miss? You're separated?
Just do what feels right sweetie.


no one has the right to judge you...

Intricate Knot said...

I'm not judging you at all, Natalie. We have to follow our hearts (and sometimes other parts of ourselves hah!). If you feel good about it, great!

Congrats on coming in second place!! I think it's great that your band plays original music.