Friday, May 4, 2012

Went For a Dip!

    Hello friends, it rained here this morning then got all hot and muggy-a perfect day to go swimming! My friend asked me to come over and swim OK yeah the water was cold but I love to swim, yes I should have been a fish!
  What was gross was her shower! It was so gross I felt like I needed a shower after the shower! Ewee. How can anyone allow their shower to have mold, mildew, soap scum and spider web in the corner! Gross.
   You'll be proud of me in that I didn't say a word- but it was so hard! I won't be bathing there ever again I can tell you that!
    I have to say this week I have been blowing off work like crazy! I think it's cause school for me is over for the summer and well hell I just want to have some fun! I think I deserve it!
Do you feel like working today?
 Me neither! 

   I just want to dance and celebrate that I lived   another day!!! 
 So on that note I'm going out to party with the girls and sing in the battle of the bands! Don't wait up for me, until we meet again!



FoxyMoron said...

That's how our bathroom was here when we moved in, I had to scrub it before I could use it.
We had our first frost this morning but my kids are out there now in the pool at 2.30pm!

Anonymous said...

What if your friend reads your blog? LOL!


nothing nastier than a nasty bathroom.