Monday, July 23, 2012

A Good Day-Mostly!

           Hello friends,(warning pictures of the party!) well my day started really early yesterday. I wanted to get most of the cooking done way before it got hot and so I wasn't running around like chicken with her head cut off when everyone showed up.
      I made about five pounds of baked beans, four pounds of home made macaroni and cheese, three dozen deviled eggs (yes remembering to put the cream of tarter in the water), fifty corn on the cobs, four packs of hot dogs, chicken strips, five pounds of hamburgers and better than sex cake(chocolate) and ice cream.
      Of course Rick grilled the meat and I did the rest. It was very hot out side but we were under a big tree in the shade so it wasn't to bad though Rick changed his shirt three times!
      So other than Gloria throwing one of her fits, and freaking Veronica out(so much so that she called the cops, who showed up) it went pretty well once we convinced the cops that Gloria was fine and I let Veronica know this is how Gloria reacts all the time since she's been on steroids when she doesn't get her way.
    And for once I let Rick deal with it all, I'm tired of it. He did very well I must say.
     Well I've decided to go back to work, didn't really want to but we really need more money here and I have to be honest and say I like having my own money and not have to worry or ask Rick for it. I'm only going to work two or three days a week since I'm still in school too.  
     Alright ready for some pictures? 
Veronica and Brock
Brock and Gloria
Brock and me
Gloria and Dale
Brandon and Brock goofing off
Brandon, Travis, Brad
Dale and his mom Karen
Big John and Brock

      I think my favorite pictures are the ones of Veronica and Brock-my oldest and youngest and the ones with Jon-Jon and I cause he's not good at letting us take pictures.
     I know there are to many pictures here and I hope it didn't bore you all!
     Until we meet again.......


FoxyMoron said...

I LOVE photos! Thanks for sharing, looks like you had fun, did you offer the cops any food? ;)
It was nice to see pics of you too Natalie, you have such a lovely face and smile.
Home cooked baked beans, aren't you clever? I've never tried that.


I love photo's too...and lordy..what a bunch of food.

Gloomy Day said...

LOVE the pics! Just wonderful to see everyone smiling and having a good time (mostly!). You all deserve it! Your feast sounds fabulous and I sure wish I could have come!

And right on lady, I'm really glad you let your husband deal with the madness (for a change). Good for you, Natalie!!

Janice's footsteps said...

i agree photos are great to post and so many smiles who would have known there was cop drama except for mama?? sorry i get a little poetic when I see cake LOL what a feast you had yum!

Devinmaxwell34 said...

NEVER too many photos! It looked like everyone had a good time! AND holy cow did you make a lot of food! it all sounded great! Some of my favorite things: corn on the cob, baked beans, macaroni! mmm, perfect summer food! Great job!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Enjoyed the pics and your post. Phew...what a load of cooking you did! (((hugs)))Pat