Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cleaning Out My Home/Myself

     Hello friends, I spent the day cleaning and rearranging bedrooms, I had to do something my stress level was so high, and I was feeling so depressed that if I didn't clean I seriously was going to hurt the person who betrayed me.
    Here's the funny thing. I realized something today it's her loss, not mine. I'm a good person, I'm a good friend and damn it I'm a good mom!
     Why it took me so long to realize this I have no idea.
     Brock, Matthew and I are going to go see Spider Man three tonight they are so excited and honestly I'm glad that they are still into it and not to 'old' for Spider Man.
     I'm not ready for them to be to cool to hang with mom yet. And I like that Brock is a mommy's boy. His future wife might hate it but that's her problem not mine!

     I want to thank my friend Rachel for reminding me that I do have something to give to the world, and that it's OK to be hurt by this betrayal that healing will take time.
     And this is what I do best. I listen, I care and I'm there for people. I guess it means I do give back to the world. 
    Hey I wanted you all to know that Teddy is doing well and that he is eating up all the extra attention, though I did give him something for the pain (children's ibuprofen) cause he couldn't sleep at night which meant that I couldn't sleep!
   Poor Hailey(dog) isn't liking Teddy getting this much attention, she's jealous! She's finally over being in heat and next month she's getting fixed!
     I can not go through this again, and she's to small to mate with any of my dogs. And she's a bitch when she's in heat (hehe). Dogs are in heat for 21 day's, and men think they have it bad when we're on our periods!
    Until we meet again.......


Janice's footsteps said...

Natalie, have you some how inherited my drama mate ex-friend??? LOL I can tell you this betrayal hurts no way around it and the saddess thing is when betrayed why do we think it is US?? IT IS NOT US IT IS THEM!!! Do not let anyone ever steal your wind lol (were you a Friends viewer? When Monica, Phoebee & Rachel got into that book?) If not ok how about ... the fact you are hurting over this makes me know what a wonderful friend you have to be and well...that person needs to kick rocks. Enjoy the movie I love mama boys, married one & then gave birth to one, they're the BEST!!!

FoxyMoron said...

21 days? And I thought we had it bad with our cat!
My two are going to see the Spiderman movie today too, it looks like a kind of remake of the first one with different actors and a few changes to the storyline but they're looking forward to it.
You ARE a good person my dear friend and a wonderful mother. Why do we let other people bring us down like this?
My motto is to stick with the people who lift us up and stay away from the other ones.
Big hugs from me and can't tell you how much I appreciate your friendship and support.


a friend betraying you is nothing to shrug off..it's painful..I'm sad for you.