Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thank You Janice

     Hello friends, wow it's early in the day for me to be blogging but I was afraid if I didn't do it now I would forget--not because this isn't important or that I'm not honored but because frankly sometimes I can be an air head, especially on these cold meds!
     Janice from Janice's Footsteps has given me the Versatile blogger award. Thank You Janice, your such a sweetie! Which is so awesome, and makes my heart so joyful.

    Here are the rules:

Here are the rules for this award:
 1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you. 
 2. Include a link to their site.   
 3. Include the award image in your post. 
 4. Give 7 random facts about yourself. 
 5. Nominate 15 other Bloggers for the award. 
 6. When nominating, include a link to their site.
 7. Let other Bloggers know they have been nominated.

    OK you all know I do not follow rules well! So not sure I'll be able to name 15 different blogs, but will try. Should there be rules on an award? Hum not sure, but to all of you I give this award to feel free not to follow the rules--after all your craziness is why I love you!
    Seven things you don't know about me? Seriously IS there anything you don't know about me?
 1.) I hate the flavors of orange and grape anything except the fruits
2.) I make my own bath salts, soaps,scrubs and lotions. (Who doesn't?)
3.) Blood and gore don't bother me but flem will make me vomit!
4.) I'm not very forgiving, hurt me or betray me and I'll cut you out of my life--I know that, that is bad I'm working on it.
5.) I love passionately, rarely hate, but I take a while to trust.
6.) I believe in the death penalty. 
7.) I have a lot of compassion.
     You all knew these things about me already, I'm pretty boring!
     Here's my choices for awards:
1.) Susi from Diddley Diddley because this woman is so talented and smart, she speaks several different languages(including helping me understand how to run my W2W forum!).
2.) Intricate Knot at My Blog& Role Fantasy the mini story's she writes and she draws the best 'dark' greeting cards! So talented!
3.) Anna at Universal Gibberish her poems make me think, smile and even cry.
4.)Devin at It's My Life because she makes me laugh and makes me wish I was young again!
5.) Lottie at Lottie Nevin because she talks about all these wonderful places, and makes me want to run away!
6.) Jackie Sue at Yellow Dog Granny because she says what we all want to but don't have the guts to! 
7.) Foxy at This Country Kitchen because she has the best food recipes and I hoping this will encourage her to start blogging about them again.
8.) Hermit Witch at Over Land and Sea because I have learned so much from her, the biggest is her compassion.
 9.) Pat at I Shit You Not because no mater what crap she's going through she's always there for her friends, hell she an awesome lady!
10.) Shan at Simply Shan because even though I usually can't stand blogs that try and sell you something she makes me laugh and she's real.
      Sorry that's all I have except I normally would have put Janice on here too, LOL.
     There is one more website I wish you all would visit, my daughters and I are involved with this and I think you will want to to once you read about these poor girls: Destiny Rescue US
         Until we meet again..........

PS I just realized how it sounds when you read #7 after #6 LOL I don't have compassion for evil!


Shannyn SimplyShan said...

Thanks, Natalie! I'm glad I make you laugh :) I certainly enjoy reading your blog as well.

Janice's footsteps said...

Wow thanks for nominating those blogs Natalie because now I have some new names and blogs to stake out I mean check out LOL I think you need to know more often how great you are because YOU are :))

Devinmaxwell34 said...

Thank you Natalie!! That is awesome, im glad I can make you laugh, I crack myself up too sometimes haha
But seriously I appreciate the nomination ;)
Though i havent known you long, I enjoy reading what you have to say, your an awesome woman, mother and friend! And thank you for W2W ;)

Intricate Knot said...

Thank you for the nomination and all your kind words, Natalie!

Loved reading your random facts, especially "2.) I make my own bath salts, soaps,scrubs and lotions. (Who doesn't?)" Um, I don't make my own bath salts and what-nots and I have NO idea how to make them!! I'd love to see you open up an online shop. I think it would be fabulous! xx