Friday, February 10, 2012

        Hello friends, I was wondering how you get everything done? I feel like a juggler trying to keep all my balls up in the air. Husband, kids, college, getting new business off the ground, keeping the house clean and all that goes with running a home (cleaning, laundry,cooking, grocery shopping,etc.) making time for friends and older children who live on their own,pets, oh and ya me.
        When I list them down here it doesn't sound like that much. I do have a organized home that's one of my 'things' I can't stand not being able to find something. I don't watch T.V. any more(no time). And I don't know if it's harder for me because on top of all that Gloria has so many Doctor appointments and with the social workers and lawyers meetings it all just seems to much. I know I'm being whiny, I was just hoping someone had some tips, or suggestions because I know we're all busy.
      Despite what it might sound like I am feeling better and my stress level feels better, even though Jon got mad and ran away from home last night. Usually when I don't know where he is I panic, but not last night. Don't know if its because my system just couldn't take anymore or what but when Brock found the note Jon wrote and left behind I was like OK, whatever. He'll come back. My acting that way freaked out Gloria,Brock and Hayley so much that they went out looking for him. He was in the shed. My life is CRAZY. How did I end up with all these kids?

       Veronica got edo today (which means the hospital patient level was low) and didn't have to go to work so I didn't have to watch Jaxton, but I'm going to spend time with him Saturday.
      I'm kinda excited about the Blog Hop today. I probably won't get to go to very many of them but still it's kinda cool seeing other peoples blogs and how they decorate them and what they write about. It's kinda like looking into someones medicine Cabinet or being a peeking Tom! Not that we would ever do anything like that! LOL!

      I found this picture on my computer when I got home from getting my hair done, at first I was going to yell at them for being on my computer, but then I just laughed. That's Hayley, Brock's friend 'Fluffy' and Brock. What can I say? Crazy kids. Yesterday Dave, Ricks brother, came over and I saw something I never noticed before. Hayley looks just like him! Where my husband is blond and blue eyed Dave is dark haired and brown eyed (and very good looking, plays music like Rick, but isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and is a druggy).
Could him and Katie um, had relations? Probably, they both did drugs and drank to much. Would she have told me? No. So I don't know, does it change anything? No, I wouldn't let Dave take care of a plant. She's mine now and really she has been since birth.
     Well it's early here and I usually don't blog this early I just had a need to talk without any one hearing I might blog again tonight. Until we meet again.........


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

I ask myself that same question, " how did I get these kids????" have MORE than a FULL PLATE! Even in my Hay Day, I don't think I could have juggled all that you do. SERIOUSLY!

Intricate Knot said...

How do I do everything? I don't. I don't even try anymore (well, sometimes I do!). I say, cut yourself some slack! And, you're not "whining," you're venting. Vent away! That's what blogging is for, right? lol! Found you through Blogaholic and you now have a new follower (me!). x

Cassam said...

Hi Natalie ,thank you for visiting my blog and foe your lovely comments.You are a very busy girl,I don't know how you do it ,five children! I only have two and a baby grandaughter, they have flew the nest and life is now peaceful. Great idea having a blog you can vent all your frustrations on. I've been reading through a lot of it.


delegate..and face can't do everything..but the most important thing is to take care of yourself before you do anything me..