Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shopping Saturday!

       Hello friends, I hope your weekend is going good, I slept in til 11:00 am! Crazy! I never sleep in that late I always get up early. Then I went to Veronica's house and we went shopping,just a few place's had to take Jaxton's clothes back he wears a 3t now and not even two! Tall boy, not fat and boy he has attitude! So much like his mother! So I got some new pillows for my bed, mine were old and getting flat, some new sheets, man their high and I needed a trash can for my room and got one for Brock's room, hoping it will make him keep it cleaner, hey a mother can dream! And Gloria a comforter for her bed. I got a sweater too, I really need a coat but couldn't find one I really like. Oh I'm most excited I finally found shelves and baskets I like for my room to keep all those odds and ends in( extra make up, ink for printer just things I needed but didn't have a place to store)it has been driving me nuts sitting on my dresser looking messy,don't say it, I know I get crazy over little things but that's just me I can't help it.
        We got done about 6:30 and I'm wiped out! Me miss hyper, but its cold outside like 22 and fills like a brain freeze when the wind hits you. Really.
         OK I know no one wants to hear other Grandmothers brag about their grand kids but to bad look how cute Jaxton is.

                      Eating cake

                             Waking his brother up!

                      The Lego's I ordered for Justice

         I also got Hailey the dog a basket cause I think it's getting close to time for her to have the puppies, any suggestions on what we might need for her please let me know, I don't have girl dogs normally so this puppy thing is new. I'm going to give her one of my old pillows and put it in her basket. What else do I need? Already feeding really good puppy food that someone told me she needed. My friend Joann said when you can squeeze milk out of her she'll have the puppy's within 48 hours. I'm not doing that! That's mean. And kind of yucky.

       I know this doesn't really fit in but it's so cute! And funny! I thought maybe you'd like it too.
       So tomorrow on top of the jokes I have 13 warning's from a ex break in artist, nice way to put it! There are some really good tips, and also I'll have some funny's. I should be updating Maggie's page tomorrow also. So until we meet again, I love you so don't delete me! Hehe!

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FoxyMoron said...

Don't know about dogs, never had a female dog, I know a lot about kittens though! I just make sure I given them a warm blanket, for the birthing I often put a folded towel on top of a folded plastic garbage bag so the nest doesn't get stained.
Can't wait for puppy pics!