Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Man Who Inspires

        Hello friends, I have to tell you about this man that's in my Math class. I had never got a chance before today to talk to him, but we got put together to work on a project. Now he's older than me and I had just assumed he was going back to school because he had been laid off. Nope. He's retired from the Military and had another job but was hurt so badly that he can't work that kind of job anymore, so he doesn't need to work because he's got retirement from the Military and a settlement from that accident.
        So why is he in school? why not just stay home and relax? Because when he was in the Military he was a medic and now he wants to be a nurse in the VA Hospital so he can still care for all the injured men and women from this war and earlier ones. Isn't that so awesome and inspiring? It's so good to know that there are good people out there, you know?

       This morning when I woke up (OK when Gloria woke me up cause I didn't hear my alarm going off) I got in the shower and almost fainted. I was shaky and it felt like I couldn't catch my breath. Nope not a panic attack, it was because once again I stayed up to late trying to get everything done and yep didn't eat all day, well for two days, I forget to eat. Now this is just getting stupid. I have got to start taking care of myself better than this. And whats really bad is I know better than this. When did stop doing anything extra for myself? I don't know, I do know it's got to stop and I'm taking steps to do this.
        An update on Maggie sorta, she goes in for her first treatment tomorrow so keep her in your thoughts and her mom Katie too cause their going to be teaching her how to do the treatments so she can do them at home. I'll let you know more tomorrow.
         I'm getting off here and getting a few things done so that I can go to bed at a decent time! Until we meet again........



FoxyMoron said...

That is a lovely story about your fellow student, good on him.
I hope you're getting some sleep as I type this!


good for him...
and you?..don't make me hunt you down and bip you..take care of yourself.