Monday, February 6, 2012

Natalie's Nut House part2

       Hello friends! This has been one crazy day! After school I had to go to Walt-Mart even though I had just gone Sunday because I didn't get any toilet paper, trash bags or fruit even though I spent close to six hundred dollars stocking up the food supplies. Well you try going with two teenage girls and a ten year old boy that just wants to go look at the toys! I hate shopping. I really do. So while I was there I got Gloria's monthly supply of Medicine, a new mouse for Rick, tax software, some cleaning supplies, and what I mentioned before. Another 150.00! So then I got home and couldn't find the tax software. I kinda freaked out but called Wall-Mart and yep the boy never put it in my sack. I so didn't want to go back! I just wanted to come home and study for my math test that I thought I had tomorrow(I so suck at Math!) and open my first package that arrived today. But nooo back to wally world I went! Oh and when I went back this time I remembered that I needed ink for my printer. Shit.
       So finally I'm done making phone calls (trying to find the cheapest place for Gloria to have a pool party for her sixteenth birthday the 29 of this month.) And I realized I don't have a test tomorrow! Yay. So I finally got to open my package! Here's what I got for myself:
                      Oil for Prosperity and Abundance

                       Large Raw Rose Quartz

                        Large Raw Amethyst Cluster

                       Natural Rough Black Tourmaline

        These are pictures from her etsy store I also got a really pretty pair of earrings but couldn't find a picture and I don't know how to download pictures from my camera yet! The stores name is Orca4kk's Cauldron and hopefully the link works!  I hope I don't sound like I'm bragging or anything ugly it's just that  I'm excited cause I never buy myself anything fun and you guys are the only ones who would care about this stuff, my family doesn't.

         OK enough about me even I'm bored! I got Maggie's Donation Button up. I didn't put any limit on it, so that if all someone can give is a dollar then that's great and we're grateful for it. I promise I won't ask you to donate and I won't bug you or make you feel guilty. Times are hard for everyone these days. And to show YellowDog Grannie (Jackie Sue) how much I appreciate her for going to all the trouble of getting me the information I needed I'm going give you some jokes to "steal" if you like them. Hey did you guys like Silly Sunday? If the jokes were bad let me know. WARNING some of these jokes are a little dirty.

        I told you they were a little naughty! Well I better go do my report! Until we meet again.........



FoxyMoron said...

I have some prosperity oil too! Doesn't have stuff floating in it though, yours is pretty. That is a huge rose quartz crystal, they are my favourite we used to have a lot of them around the house. Good on you for buying yourself some nice things.
Love the jokes!


I'm stealing the first one...thanks..