Saturday, March 31, 2012

Justice's Birthday

     Hello friends, it's been a great day, though Justice, my grandson won't turn eleven til Tuesday we celebrated it today, it was really chilly earlier but got nicer my son-in-law built a huge fire in the pit and it was nice to sit around it and talk.
    It's funny how it's always the same basic group that's at every party we have. Oh sometimes there extra-boyfriends, girlfriends etc. But always the core group.
    I think that that is really neat thing, mind you there not all 'family' by blood, but by choice. And isn't that even better? We choose to be together cause we genuinely like each other. And we a completely mixed group, different colors, religions, sexuality--all of which took my daughters new in laws a while to adjust to--that and the fact the adults have just as much fun throwing water balloons as the kids do at our first day of summer blow-out!
    So Justice got a four wheeler for his birthday--he wanted a moped but he's not the most coordinated child. they thought it would be safer on four wheels. I personally think it was more my son in law that wanted it.
     What's really strange is my kids have always had four wheeler s, three wheeler s, motorcycles etc. hell even on normal bikes Zach would build these huge ramps and go flying off them. It never bothered me, but my grandsons doing drives me crazy!
    Maybe it's because we almost lost Justice a few times before he was two. I love my little monkey boy so much, he was such a fragile child and though he's healthy now he's still so small and he just not one of those rock m sock em boys.
   He's calm, genital, loving, sensitive and yet still spirited, and has a little dare devil in him. I am proud to be his Oma-the name he gave me as soon as he could talk a little, and it does mean grandma just in Russian I think.
I know I've shown this before but it's my favorite
Zach on far right covered in mud
     And though Zach seems to broke almost every bone in his body(first one when he was six and got hit by a car). Isn't that the most terrifying call to get while at work?
     Or worse last fall the three am call that he had been hit by a semi truck while on his motorcycle and they thought his neck was broken? It was broke but cracked--have I mentioned how bad and stressful last year was?
     OK some good news for those of you who know about my friend Katie daughter Maggie. The horrible painful shots she as to have everyday are starting to work! Her jaw bone is just barely starting to grow back! Not alot but a little and we'll take that! The tumor has shrunk down over 50%, it's still there but at least it's not growing--and honestly I believe it's because everyone no mater their religous  beliefs  came together for her! Thank you all!
    OK I'm getting mad my blogger keeps changing my language on here from English to something IDK what language it is! So I'm getting off of here before I get nasty! Don't forget Sunday Funny's tomorrow. Until we meet again.....



tell him happy birthday from West, Texas.

Anonymous said...

Hello Natalie, great news about Maggie! Happy birthday, Justice, he seems to be a nice boy.