Saturday, March 3, 2012

To Do To Do Always More To Do.

        Hello friends, are crazy weather just keeps getting stranger and stranger, yesterday was so nice then bam! It got really dark and started raining, and about 20 miles from my house a tornado went down and wiped out part of a town-kids where still in school, three people were killed. This is not the time of year we normally get tornado's nor all this rain..
      Last night i went out to dinner with some friends and had a good time, I actually had a drink, it made me feel like my limbs weight a ton! One drink. Seriously. I came home and went back to work on the support group, I think I fixed the problem, at least some people have gotten in, but others say they can't. I don't know if their forgetting to check their email and click on that or what.
     I really need to find help here. I did find a logo, not sure if it's good, and I made a button. (OMG there is this sign floating on here while I trying to type, it says composition editor! IDK how to get rid of it!)There not the greatest but they'll do for now. Feel free to take a button, or not. So as far as I know this is how you get in the forum. (I tried it with Gloria's computer and Id and email and it worked.)
Go to email- click on the line it tells you to
Go back and log in
      Then when you get in read the messages and you can start a discussion on the board, or leave messages pretty much whatever you want.
      Isn't it ironic that this has been something I've wanted to do for so long and as one of my dreams are coming true, my marriage is faltering. Well honestly I made him leave, it was after all the crap went down with his mom, I'm sure you remember. It just sucks so much.  And I'm hurt and angry, and I took enough of that shit when I we were younger. Just wish i felt better and that my business was running better before this crap happened. Sorry no more pity party here promise.
        Did I tell you I found help for Jon, well sorta, just have to jump through fifty hoops first and then I can get him into a training program to help him live either on his own or in a group home. I can't see him in a group home, hell I don't want him to leave but it's something he wants or thinks he does, and Veronica wants me to do it too, but he's still my baby, I don't care if he's 6'3 still mine.
       I know I  sound whiny even to myself, I just need some rest, I guess. Tomorrow is Sunday funny day, I'll see you then. Until next time.....

      This what the town about 20 min looks like today, a little year old was found alive but critical Her mom,dad brother and sister all dead.  This is so heartbreaking!


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