Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Friday! If only I drank....

    Hello friends, I am oh so glad it's Friday! I don't know why I am- the weekends aren't that much different from the week days- except I get to sleep in later, and lately all I want to do is sleep.
     No not depressed, just so bone weary tired. I really think it's my thyroid. I went off the pills that make me eat since I gained back five(five!) pounds with them.
    And I think that's what is causing this lump on my neck- before you ask I went today to the Doctors, he did blood test and I have to get an ultrasound done Tuesday. 
   Also a Mammogram yuck-honestly can't they come up with a better way to check your boobs other than squeezing them to death?
    OK to answer some of your comments. Ishitunot I have talked to Brock til blue in the face before all that happened and he swore he wasn't doing anything. 
  But when all that came out he confessed(and I untied him-kidding). I bought him some condoms and told her mom, then took her to the free clinic since mom had no time(cause you know I'm not busy). 
  Have I mentioned I hate teenagers? And Jon is my son with Autism so no not ready to leave home.
   Sinead, they have never brought up Coeliac Disease, what makes them think it's Crohn's is the bleeding and because she already has Arthritis so we know her autoimmune system is not working right. I hope it's not Crohn's and something easier to deal with.
    I try not to lose it very often but there's just times I do lose it and honestly I am not feeling up to par right now. I know I need to start taking care of myself better, but we moms seem to put our own health last. Hell it's hard enough keeping up with all of Gloria's doctors appointments.
   I did have some fun today-went garage selling on my way home from the doctors. I got some more star's(yes I love stars, moons and suns-Glo calls it the witchie room) for my room and a iron shelf . A cute picture frame for Glo and some jeans for Brock,Jon,Matthew and Hayley.
   Then my mother in law called and she had bought a cabinet from a garage sell and needed my truck to bring it home so I grabbed the boys and we went off to get it. The cool thing is she gave me an antique cabinet that I had always admired! Now where to put it? I'll figure it out!
     I also got basketballs-four for ten dollars since they seem to get "lost" around here and the boys love to play basketball in front of my house.
   And I got these really cool iron hooks that are meant to hold up curtain rods but I spray painted black and hung up on my wall to hang my purse,robe and backpack on. All this for under twenty dollars! I love garage sales!

     Yes I know Knoty and FoxyMoron men can't deal with anything but I keep hoping!



FoxyMoron said...

Hope you can get some relaxing into your weekend Nat!


just remember what the stewardess's say when they are giving instructions about the oxygen masks drop down..instinct is to take care of the kid first, but you take care of yourself first so you can take care of the kid..
chin up tits out.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I totally agree about the mammogram! I haven't done one yet but I'll have to as soon as I turn 40.
You definitely have had a bit too much on your plate lately. Hope you get some time to relax soon.