Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oh Damn it's Thursday!

    Hello friends, do you ever fell it's damned if you do and damned if you don't? Well that's how it's been the last few days here.
     Usually I don't tell Rick everything that's going on around here-even when it comes to Gloria's health issues, he just doesn't seem to be able to handle it. And yes there are times I want to kick him and say "Be a man,grow up and shit support me for a change"
    Not that that would help, maybe make me feel better. This time though I'm telling him what the Doctor says about her probably having Crohn's and he's like 'stop being so negative, you don't know if that's what's wrong with her'.
    First, your right I don't know(I have got to get that crystal ball FIXED!)if that is whats wrong, I'm just saying what the doctor said.
     Second, I am not being negative-I do not consider myself a negative person-I'm being realistic and again repeating what the Doctor said.
     Thirdly I just want to find out what is wrong with her and fix it! And damn it I'm sad and OK scared that they'll find something really bad going on. And DAMN IT can't you just shut the fuck up and let me fall apart for like ten minuets then I'll deal with it like I always do. Really. Is that to much to ask?
    I guess so, because no one in my "real" world will ever let me be the sad one, the one that needs a shoulder to cry on, or hell hold me up. Oh no I always have to be the strong one, and you know what? Sometimes it sucks donkey dicks.
   Hell that's why I started blogging in the first place, I needed a place to vent.
    And I haven't even begun to bitch about Brock and his fifteen year old girlfriend who thought she was pregnant! Have I mentioned he's thirteen? Crap just keep loading it on my shoulder's cause I'm super woman!
     Or that a teacher at Jon's school has convinced him he could live on his own- seriously? She needs to shut her damn mouth. He's not able to do that, doesn't she think if he was I would gladly let him?
     I need a vacation! Without any of them with me.
I hope you weren't expecting peace and joy from me today. LOL I'm all out. Solve your own damn problems.
     OK sorry that was mean, cause I do care about all of you and I didn't mean to sound like I don't. It's just sometimes enough is enough you know? All I can say is that it's a good thing my blood pressure runs low or I'd have stroked out by now.
    Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment for this knot on my neck, let's face it I can't afford to get sick who would take care of me let alone hold this family together?

   Sorry I'm so bitchy today, I think I need a nap I haven't been sleeping well, so I'll go do that before I really say something I shouldn't! Until we meet again......


insomnia said...

Vent away, Nat. Sometimes it feels good to let all that out, be it + or -.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Holy Shit! Seriously!!!!

For a sec there I thought I wrote this post. ;0)
Isn't there a test to positively identify if you have Krohns?
Rick better tell his son to keep it in his pants,provide condoms in case he doesn't listen to him and that girls mother needs to be aware she needs to get her on the pill.If he isn't Rick's son...then you need to!
If your other son leaves...he will be back when he figures out for himself he was lied to by that teacher. Trust me on that one.

Damn...see how good I am at managing someone elses problems and life. ;0)
Suck at my own. I know it and YOU KNOW IT!

Anonymous said...

Of course you can vent on your own blog! I'm sorry to hear about Gloria's health issues. I suppose it still could be coeliac? At least better than Crohn's.
I hope tomorrow will be a better day.

FoxyMoron said...

You are a WONDERFUL mother. Men are shitheads and the sooner we all just accept that the sooner we can shoot accept it. Or something.
And I'm sorry but I chuckled at the donkey dick thing, I say something similar, will tell you someday.
I'm here if you need to vent privately, but hell yes that is what our blogs are for.
Hope Gloria is going to be okay.


you have every right to be upset..tell that husband to 'man up.'...that's part of his job...candles lit, prayers sent.

Intricate Knot said...

Damn straight, Natalie, vent away! I think men cut off women that way because THEY don't want to deal with something. He's scared. Doesn't like feeling scared so he wants you to not talk about it. Probably the same with the friends who always want you to be the strong one. They're just scared.

Facing up to Life is brave. You're brave, Natalie and that doesn't mean you don't get scared or need to pitch a fit every now and again. You do all that AND get on with Life.

Sending you those healing vibes for both you and your Gloria. xo