Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just Catching Up

     Hello friends, so ya life has been busy the last few days. Some of it a lot of fun some not so much. We still haven't gotten any rain-well a sprinkle and I sat outside in it and didn't even get wet.
    So I started this new thing that since we always cookout on Sunday's I would invite the neighbors over too, they bring a dish if they want, whatever. Nothing formal just some fun you know?
    I just need a little fun in my life, besides the fact it's nice to have adults to talk to. 
     I took lots of pictures but a lot of them came out blurry IDK if it's the lens that's dirty/dusty or that the memory card is old. It's not like it's an expensive camera. Here's a few pic's.
Brock,Gloria and Dell
Alissa holding my dog Hailey
Brock,Glo and Alissa showing off A's baby bump
Here's Teddy!
That's Brandon
They all played basketball on our court
My friend Cheryl

          You can see Gloria's face is really swollen from the steroids she's gained about eleven pounds from them I think it will go away when she gt's off them.
    There was a lot more pictures but they turned out blurry or to boring for you to want to see them.
    Once again we are in three degree temps again, yesterday so the kids, Alissa and I went  swimming.

    Usually we would have laid on the beach some to but the sand was so hot that even with a blanket under us it was too hot. We only stayed out for two and a half hours, the whole time swimming, we were worn out from the heat. 
      Even with lots of sun screen poor Glo and Alissa got a little sun burned and even Brock and I got a little pink and we're the darkies (Veronica too) of the family!
      It's early here right now I got up early to water my plants, it's suppose to be 109F today. I have a feeling it's going to be a stay inside kinda day!
    I thought I'd leave you with a cartoon from our newspaper, it kinda explains how bad it's getting here!
    Until we meet again.........


Snowies said...

I need a fun time like this :)
Looks like you guys had a great time :) You deserve it girl!

FoxyMoron said...

Ah Summer! I remember it well. Sorry you're sweltering over there while we shiver through Winter down here.
Fun photos.
Can relate to the cartoon, we've had severe water restrictions here in recent years,.

Intricate Knot said...

I'm so happy that you had some fun, Natalie! YOU deserve it, girlfriend. And I enjoyed looking at all your pics, blurry or not.

I think you hit on a great idea, Natalie, inviting your neighbors over for a BBQ, potluck style! I LOVE potlucks.

Really hope you guys get some serious rainfall and soon. xo

Anonymous said...

What a great idea your cook out with the neighbours - everyone should do that, it do a lot of good.
I loved your pics they're great and it's fun to see your family and friends. You are a wonderful Mummy Natalie
Hope it rains very soon - that heat must be unbearable! xx