Friday, August 24, 2012

I Need A Fairy God Mother!

       Hello friends! Man has this week flown by! I've been so busy that I haven't remembered to blog, I know old age is getting to me. Or it's living with teenagers, I don't know which.
     Oh I have to tell you Hailey had her babies on Thursday morning. Originally I thought two were black and two were brown which I posted on Facebook. Three are black and one is brown, don't know their sex yet as she barely let me change all the bedding-I couldn't stand the thought of them laying on wet, cold blankets.
    Their so cute! Her last litter died they were so big that they looked half her size! This litter there's two more and their much smaller-like the size of half grown mice. I thought I'd wait a day or two before trying to get some pictures. Hopefully by then she'll leave them for a few minuets! 
     OK off that subject before I bore you to death. I have been doing a lot of thinking and soul searching, trying to figure out what I want and need.
    If I'm honest with myself the happiest I have been in the last six or seven years was when I was making my bath and body products and selling them-the fact that I made no money off of them doesn't matter I was happy, excited.
   Of course back then I didn't even think about selling them online, but my friend Rachel wants me to start selling them in her online store. We have figured out some of the mistakes I made before and frankly I have more contacts now than I did then.
    So why don't I do this you ask? Well because I don't have the money. Even though I could start it on like less than five hundred dollars, for me right now that's a fortune that I just can't manage. I just can't see how I'll get the money.
     I NEED A FAIRY GOD MOTHER!!! If any of you know of one that would like to take me under their wings please give them all my information, I would greatly appreciate it!
     Here's a picture of the jars I've picked out:
    Their not a bad price and they come with self sealing lids. Not sure if I'm going to do a label or put a little booklet on them with all the info and ingredients tied with elastic string. Also not really sure what I should name it, Rachel thinks I should use Bridget's Daughter.
    I said 'What? Bridget's Daughter Bath, Body and stuff?' And she said yes! LOL we'll see. I'm open to suggestions. I already have two real stores that will also sale it for me (they've used my products and like them) My friend Katie K loves my sugar scrub so much she eats it! Have I mentioned my products are all natural?
     If you all would light candles/pray that the money would just fall into my lap I'd be grateful. I guess I better get off here and get the brats ready for school(my life is just so much fun!)! Until we meet again......
                Looks like Hailey's babies Daddy!


Intricate Knot said...

This is fabulous, Natalie!! Just keeping putting that out there...somehow, you'll get the money to start this endeavor. We have to believe.

Starting a business is exciting, scary, exciting, terrifying, and exciting. The entire process is like being pregnant and giving birth, isn't it?

LOVE your packaging!! I can't wait to taste, I mean try your sugar scrub. xxx

Anna Smith said...

Ooh I like those tubs. Whenever I need money I have a clear out and sell stuff on ebay, maybe that will help? :)